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wow. the snow seems like it was a hundred years ago. i'm surprised when i happen upon patches of decaying snowmen here and there. did i tell you about the large tree that upended earth in order to bring it's entire self down on a wrought iron fence? yeah, i did. but i know i neglected to tell you about the person who was ferrying their groceries in a cart across the road wearing a santa hat, i assume for warmth and not festivity. ironically, i was singing must be santa as i came upon him in my automobile. there was a man who must've turned on a patch of something while going downhill through that intersection at skillman and the super target, because he was facing south while sitting in the northbound lanes of skillman. his rear axle lost its life and a female pig (that's lingo for police officer) was rolling one of his tires back up the hill.

on to the big day of snowtime fun... thursday:

this is violet sitting in front of the snow while oliver was at school. she also spent some time harassing ozzy, who deserves it.

when oliver returned home early from school, it occurred to me that we kind of have a backyard. so i let him hang out on the balcony and make snowballs, some of which are currently taking up space in my tiny freezer. he was fond of opening the door many times and activating the heater and then making sure i closed the door and locked it after him.


once brian finally arrived home from work, i convinced him to build a snowman with oliver out in the "backyard."


and then i took way too many photos of snow.

morning rolled around and i convinced brian to go out for a grand fifteen minute frolic in the snow. and then i took way too many photos of snow. here we are in our mismatched snow regalia.

true to their natures, oliver collected more snowballs and brian juggled them.


view from our window.



all that's left of oliver's snowman is the following, along with his shriveled carrot nose which has mysteriously relocated itself to the left of the laptop.


ps: work has begun across the way on removing the astroturf from balconies! what'll i do with all those clay pots!
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