changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

violet's major milestone.

we had a tremendous milestone in the life of violet yesterday eve. i put it off a little longer than i intended because i thought it would be nice to achieve it on valentine's day. and then valentine's day arrived and i realized there was far too much going on already. so now it's the day after valentine's day milestone. anyway, she had her first bite of people food. it was pretty bittersweet for me, considering up until then, she was composed 100% of me, if you don't count infant pain and fever reducing liquids. she was composed 100% of me, tylenol, and motrin. and now, two calories' worth of yam and applesauce.

i started off with a sizeable organic jewel yam.

okay. you really can't tell from that photo. it was a REALLY SIZEABLE organic jewel yam, sizeable enough to dwarf the non-dwarflike ozzy.

it was lovingly peeled, diced, boiled, and mashed.

prepare to have your bandwidth sucked.

i keep trying to remember we're supposed to keep doing that. feeding her. in my head, it was just the one time and now we're all done. back to nursing for life.

i finally got some vitamin D drops. carlson brand. the instructions even include putting a drop on your nipple for administration. that appeals to the nature-lover in me. i have yet to figure out the iron supplementation business. it is being difficult with me.
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