changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

old man. winter.

today is brian's 36th birthday. his friend jason, of medicine park, is on his way to our hovel as we speak. they will be attending the english beat concert tonight. with fishbone. we've been pretending for weeks like we're going to clean. it's not going so well. my newest plan is to get the laundry basket and scoop up as much of the crap as i can and ferry it away to our bedroom. where the door shall remain shut until jason's departure. that's how we play it around here. candle power has been upped in an attempt to pretend like we don't have four cats with poor hygiene practices and a child in diapers.

violet and i were supposed to meet brian at some place called gatti land yesterday for a lunchtime celebration, but he called in due to the icy conditions. and then he really called in because we lost power for a couple of hours. i napped mightily with violet because it was too cold to climb back out from the covers. and she's like a tiny, little heater.

oliver's valentine's day party was rescheduled for tuesday.

i just returned from a drive to the super target. it was my first venture outside the confines of the compoud. it looks like someone went crazy with one of those tree trimmers. it's a shame so many limbs were trimmed off our tree already last year. one out front has nothing left but the trunk. another, farther north up skillman, simply came right up out of the ground. the dirt, the grass, everything. just upturned and the tree took down the wrought iron fencing next to it. i mean, do we have weak trees around here or something. surely this doesn't go down in all of the places where snow is a normal occurrence.

anyhow. we're about to go view more carnage down around oaklawn, since we're going to cosmic cafe for birthday lunch. i told oliver he could have some cake with me.
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