changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

record snowfall!

i kept swearing to brian this was the most snow i've ever seen. the closest i could remember was back in the late late 70s or early early 80s. he continued to remain unimpressed as i scurried from window to window with a camera in my hand, squealing.

and i was right. the snowfall is the most on record in north texas. 11.2 inches!

there's a snowbank in the tree branches outside our window! i saw a branch break off a tree and fall on the parking lot! the transformer on the corner blew into a glow of blue last night! there's a foot of snow on the car port! brian said car ports across the metroplex are collapsing under the weight of snowfall fame!

brian is working from home and i am itching to go out for a little walk. i'm afraid i'll slip and fall on violet. or the concrete. oliver only owns canvas shoes. unless you count his flip flops.

brian and oliver made a tiny snowman (tiny because the snow kept falling apart) out on the balcony last night. his raisin eyes have disappeared and his carrot nose barely survived.

stay tuned for a record photofall.
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