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cacti and asian doppelgangers.

we went to look for supplements and salsa at the herb mart yesterday and oliver was running up and down an aisle, and it's a really small place. and so we decided we needed to find a place to run him a bit, as it was chilly and dreary outside and looking like rain. it was close to naptime, but we went on ahead to northpark mall, where it takes 1-2 hours to get that child to make a full circuit without any stops in stores.

he's become a starbucks junkie and asks for apple juice everytime the sight of the logo trips neurons in his brain. round logo... "i want apple juice." round logo... "i want apple juice." just like his mommy. and daddy. we have got to break free of that devil.

anyway, it was apple juice and lattes all around and then brian made this little video with his fancy phone:

brian thought it was funny, while i got to be the responsible parent who worries that their child has just impaled the back of his throat on a juicebox straw after sliding down one of several "death walls" at northpark. that place must have some good insurance. you should see the planter like that one over by the duck pond. the kids go fucking nuts on that thing. they run from 10 yards away in socks and throw themselves up the four foot slippery slope, wreaking all kinds of general havoc. i look at it and just see heads and faces busting open. no thank you.

which reminds me, i've been meaning to write a strongly worded email to northpark to let them know i think they are cruel and irresponsible for filling the world's largest planter with cactii at a height of only three feet. and then, filling two more very large planters with cacti and placing them at a height of only one foot. really? cactus displays at a mall? even without children, i worry i'll trip on my own shoe and come crashing down in one of those things.

wow. i actually found photos online:

would you like to know what is really weird? the little boy in that last photo is wearing the exact same outfit oliver had on yesterday.
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