changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

let's all celebrate and have a good (nap)time.

well. i've just put violet down in our bed for a nap for the first time. pretty much.

after all the sleepy time struggles i had with oliver as a baby, i think i kind of threw in the towel with violet and decided i'd rather spend my time partially encumbered by a sleeping baby and still able to do things like be online or watch tv, rather than trying to put a baby down in a bed for one or two hours at a time and being able to do nothing but go slowly insane.

but we've been rounding some corners around here lately and i remembered violet is no longer a newborn, pardon me while i cry, but a robust seven month old. and since learning brian could get her back to sleep at night a week ago, i've been nursing her and then letting her writhe for a few minutes before falling asleep. this is much better than the method whereby the baby falls asleep while on teat and then the mother spends the next hour trying to unlatch the baby and sneak away without waking the baby. which can tend to be a difficult feat. for the teat. this whole gig is pretty glorious. she never full on cries. she just flops around like a little dolphin on dry land. sometimes, she goes from a short-lived wail straight into unconsciousness, which i find pretty fancy.

she still isn't going down for the count, but with a little baby training, i'm thinking it can only get better. even though, i know that's not always true. but never mind that now.

i also noticed about a week ago that violet has begun using her pointer finger. which is terribly adorable. babies and their pointer fingers. poking at things like little, tiny, miniature people.
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