changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

35mm: b&w.

i have spared you from having to look at the xmas portion of this collection. that will come later.

i had forgotten we have a miniature accordion. and then, i remembered. one of the buttons was broken immediately.

violet at dinner.

violet eating feet. because all she had for dinner was a seahorse and a bpa-containing teether.

i prepared the crib for the new baby this week. okay, i also prepared it eight months ago, but things like clean diapers and laundry and cats have been occupying it in the meantime. she had a stellar time in there playing with that filthy little crib toy. i did not prepare the crib toy.

i also recently scoured some more filth from the toddler island. it's nice to have artificial baby holders out again.

this is oliver being frustrated by socks in black and white. while the ghostly shadow of my arm hovers nearby. mocking instead of helping.

fingernail moon.

I AM NAKED. i yearn to be the inventor of eyeglass cameras to capture moments like when you're showering with your baby and she is being super sweet, but also super close. however, i possess no technical skill nor entrepreneurial spirit. whenever brian hands her to me, she immediately curls up and drinks water droplets off my collar bone and shoulder. she also likes to try and catch the water from the spray. i am pleased with the way you cannot see the mildew on the tiles behind us.
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