changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

35mm: color.

a week or two ago, we finally got around to giving oliver and violet their last xmas gift. i've had it lined up to give to oliver for about two years now, but we would always forget until the last minute and have too many gifts. my grandmother gave it to me when i was little and i used to decorate it with xmas lights, when appropriate. i also used to have the tiniest artificial tree on the planet. well, it was two doll house stories tall. it would also get the light treatment. it came with a bag of furniture, which i suspect was not original to the house.

ignore the scab on oliver's chin. he picked at that thing for weeks, until we made him wear a band aid for five days.

the color and pattern combinations here are disturbing to me. brian's shirt makes me dizzy.

i think oliver was more excited that i had also gotten him a tape dispenser. he received the donut version in his stocking and it totally sucked. either i'm mentally deficient and don't know how to work it, or it's the most poorly designed tape dispenser in all of tape dispensing history.

hanging out on oliver's bed.

hanging out on mommy and daddy's bed. that was last thursday when i had her in the snugli carrier so i could vacuum before my father showed up to bring me my car. i walked past a dimly lit mirror, forgot she had on those leggings (which she was wearing because she enjoys dressing like olivia newton john), and thought i had cut off the circulation to her legs. it was a fright maker.

cutting. and chewing.

i think he was distressed over having to put on his own socks. i took pictures.

i am completely surprised these came out at all. last night, before bedtime, oliver decided to locate every ball in the house and line them up by size. then, he decided every ball needed to be in a bag. kudos, oliver, on delaying bedtime.
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