changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

chapter 2.

well, the call finally came.

proceed with the destruction of your remaining shreds of dignity.

i wasn't sure how much they need for testing, but i quickly began wishing i had collected one fewer spoonfuls just as part of it came to rest on the OUTSIDE of the bag. i wasn't sure what to do with the spoon, so i just threw it in there for the tech to deal with. at least he's getting paid.

the splatter portion of today's mess had already dried and will require a return trip armed with more determination.

before i could get in there with my spoon and bag, i had to make a stop in ttyki trio town and clean up some vomit, turds, and piss. she mixed it up a little for me and peed in the corner between the bathroom vanity and wall.

violet had begun crying the second i was out of sight on my adventure. she wiped her snot on my shoulder upon my return. it was like a victory lap. there were also medals for finding a roach leg on the kitchen floor, but no roach (and i'm not talking about ttyki this time) and for realizing violet is already able to move the seat around the toddler island when i turned to see her chewing on the part of the garbage bag that was hanging over the edge of the trash can.

it's one of those many, many days when i half expect CPS or a research assistant from hoarders to show up at my door.

how has my life come to this? i know i didn't plan my future out very well, but this is certainly not what i had in mind while i sat taking notes in AP biology class.
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