changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it is still cold here.

of all the songs i could ever pick to have forcefully stuck in my head, cool rider from grease 2 would not be one of them. and yet. there it has been for almost a week now. i would like for it to stop. i suppose that's what i get for allowing myself to watch twenty minutes of it last weekend. it's just too fantastic in its badness to not watch. and then, fate had me stumble across the song again a day or two later. someone should go watch this and report back whether the same travesty has befallen them. my favorite part is the end, where she looks like a lunatic spinning across the quad.

violet peed with such vigor in her sleep this morning, her entire diaper was a wet rag and it had seeped all up the back of her sleeper. at first, i thought maybe she had sweated profusely, despite the frigid temperatures. i placed her on the changing mat and got her undressed. during the ten seconds i was gone to grab a diaper, she began wailing (it's the two second rule) and had unloaded yet another batch of pee. like, a lot. it is no wonder i am dehydrated. it's kind of weird to think how the water i drink winds up in someone else's diaper. i'm a liquids ventriloquist. the david copperfield of urine. piss angel.

so, it's really cold out there, especially for texas. the doors on my car were frozen shut yesterday morning from the freezing drizzle. i had to bang my hip into them multiple times to get them to open. and with the way my door handles have been cracking off lately, i'm worried the cold will make other, more important pieces of my car pop apart. i had left my mp3 player out there. it seems to have survived, but did take some time to warm up. my heater refuses to produce heat. turning it off actually makes the car warmer. or, at least, less freezing.

oliver's school decided it's so cold, they should wear street clothing to school. i'm not entirely sure why, but i will take the free dress day anyway.

the temperatures have not slowed down the bones of ann. i noticed the other afternoon that the freeze alert taped to the wall in the foyer by the management the other day had floated to the floor. my next time through, it was "mysteriously" taped to our mailbox. because i had obviously ripped it from the wall and thrown it on the carpet. last night, brian pointed out there was a random flier under his windshield wiper. we can only assume it had floated into ann's "yard" and then she proceeded to assume we had placed it there and she needed to attach it to brian's car. did i mention she also returned some of ttyki's cat hair to the top of our mailbox last week as well?
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