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xmas soiree 2009.

there are claims of freezing drizzle on our city's fair overpasses this morn. i'm glad i checked the weather to see what temps the howling winds of last night brought to us. this led me to my email where i saw school had been delayed until 10am. i would not have been pleased to have readied the three of us and hauled it way on over only to find a locked door at 8am.

i finally had xmas soiree 2009 with darren last night. violet and i tried to meet him, initially, at cosmic cafe. their lot was full (which isn't hard to do) and i made the block to the overflow parking next door, which only had two, impossible-to-park-in spaces left. which left me going back down to the other end of the block to park on the street and then lug the baby down the sidewalk. the interior was packed (which isn't hard to do) and i didn't see darren in there, so i sat down at an exterior table and tried to call. no answer (which isn't at all unusual). i waited a couple of minutes and called again to discover him still in his office building two blocks away. i informed him dining outside in 40 degree weather is probably not the ideal condition for an infant, and we relocated down the road to taj express, where we were the only diners for much of our visit. we had to whisper our deepest, darkest secrets in hushed tones so that the few people in there could enjoy them with an added dash of mystery.

violet was well behaved while we shoved kofta balls and the best spinach paneer this side of the trinity into our eager maws. we retired to darren's home to open gifts. darren received a copy of the edward gorey illustrated book "the recently deflowered girl", a 1940s wrestling medal, a copy of the 1939 classic "just cocktails", and a very large and iced dreidel cookie.

i received, in return, a copy of foer's newest, eating animals; three bags of bahlsen gingerbread cookies in various shapes; a bag of questionable super orange candy from the hong kong market; and a book of liberace paper dolls, one of which is wearing a disturbing pair of marching shorts.

violet received two books and a set of small paul bottles (cute, but a bit ironic, considering).

oliver received a copy of a winnie the pooh book (the house at pooh corner?) and a butterfly-growing kit.

we sipped two drinks apiece of our own concoction: curacao, orange slices, and fresca. my doses of alcohol were measured out by the tealightful.

i arrived home at the late hour of 10:20'ish. now that violet's helmet is off, brian decreed that we shall swap sides of the bed on a nightly basis. this shall cause me consternation, as i like to keep my water bowl in one place. violet is also confused by this and spent half the night looking for me on the wrong side.

did i mention violet has her first four teeth trying to come through? at the same time? i'd say this makes her even more remarkably good-natured to consider she still smiles a great deal. however, her crankiness has increased, but i think it's from the onset of baby anxiety. i cannot put that child down for two seconds without her hollering at me. and god help us all if i manage to remove myself from her sight. i dragged out oliver's old booster seat just now, thinking she might prefer playing with her toys while in an upright position. so far, this has only resulted in more screaming. she is currently trying to poop on me and chew off my right nipple at the same time. this is baby ownership for you.

violet and oliver each received a copy of where the wild things are, and it seems oliver is taken with the concept of calling someone king as he has taken to saying things like, "can i play with king violet? i want to give king violet a hug."

i tried to send out my second resume just now, but i only had access to their online contact form and when i put in my info and a version of my cover letter and hit SEND, it errored out. that cannot be a good way to gain new clients.
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