changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

six and a half month check up.

i chased a man on a horse today.

he was on the horse. i was in my silver chariot.

i've considered doing this for some time and i thought perhaps fortune was showing its hand to me today.

he wears a cowboy hat and rides up park avenue and i always see him when he's alongside the fences that contain the putting greens and have tops that brush the undersides of clouds. i like the dichotomy and can see him as if i'm looking through the lens on the 35mm. i always imagine myself having the balls and timing to somehow stop my car there in the middle of the street, getting my camera out, popping off the lens cap, flipping it on, focusing, and pushing the button before anyone else can notice.

aside from getting rear ended, i worry he'll catch me. and then, perhaps, a man on a horse will chase me.

today, though, i just happened to put my digital camera in my purse before leaving, even though i could think of no good reason to take it to the doctor's office. that's where i decided fate was lining up.

the cowboy was crossing the width of road between the shopping center and the putting greens. i imagine he was headed down to some jogging trails. an SUV turning left got in the way of a quick snapshot and by the time i could circle back around, he was gone. poof. in the meantime, i was nearly backed into. again.

today was violet's six month check up. i'm not sure i ever knew why we didn't have it until she was 6.5 months old. the pediatrician wants her to have iron drops, since we won't be starting solids between 4 and 6 months. oliver's iron levels were fine without them and i suspect we will follow the same route with her. we decided to begin the HIB series, which meant this would be the first visit where she would have more than one injection. it also meant i couldn't hold her while they did it. she had already wailed her way through each step of the visit, making me think she was starting to remember that place. she measured right around the 50th percentile for weight, head size, and length. 15 odd pounds and 26 inches. ps: she started sitting unassisted the day before xmas and today, i think she's working on kissy lips. she still has blue eyes.

the shrieking from the injections is different from any other kind of wail an infant has. it screams of sharp pain and it jabs you straight in the heart. i wanted to vomit.

she latched on more quickly than in the past and calmed down a little sooner. she was already tired from not having much of a nap and her eyes rolled around in her head like marbles in a jar.

i rewarded myself for abusing my baby by getting a latte and driving around looking at the lake and men on horses while she napped in the back seat. she awoke upon arriving home and refuses to let me undecorate the xmas tree or make chili. she's just lying here using my right boob as a mr. microphone.

it's almost time to pick oliver up from his first day back at school. it was a weird feeling last night thinking how i would be making his lunch this morning and getting him out the door. it seemed like it had been a year since he was in school. but i already feel like i'm back in the saddle again.

violet has a large piece of glitter on her chin. how mysterious.
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