changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

new year's eve, continued.

this morning, i realized i needed to school oliver on the intricacies of new year's. i pulled out the old laptop on to the coffee table and looked for a friendly rendition of auld lang syne. this quickly devolved into finding youtube clips of the ball dropping, which he really seemed to like. he kept asking me to start the counting over. and over. and over. i was trapped in this loop of unending sentimentality and found myself breaking up every time we counted down to one and everyone cheered and kissed. i would holler happy new year and kiss his head.

it is very cold outside. especially when one is wearing a sweatshirt jacket with a tank top.

we survived dinner at sol's. though i received spinach enchiladas instead of vegetable. better than chicken. we finally got both children asleep in beds and then realized we had FAILED to purchase soda for our mojitos. brian has disappeared into the night. i thought he was tiptoeing down to the parkit market, but hasn't returned yet.

i wonder if this won't be the night he "goes out for cigarettes."
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