changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

snow. hurrah. you've made a fool of me.

today was the first day in recorded weather history in dallas that it snowed a measureable amount. i'm not sure where they were measuring it, but it wasn't out on my balcony.

i postppned plans to take the kids down to my sister's to kill of a day of xmas break. didn't want to get caught in that measurable snow. it was scheduled to run from 10am this morning until 4am tomorrow. it didn't evolve until 5pm and barely could make it to its destination before melting. so underwhelmed.

despite the treacherous winter weather, we kept violet's appointment at the crooked head institute this morning. michael, her therapist?/doctor?/fitter? (i still have no idea of his credentials), maintained his promise of giving me my baby's head and face back after 7 weeks inside the helmet. i had a nightmare a couple of nights ago that she had developed deep ridges spreading across the back of her head from the top, shaped like a pair of spreading ladybug wings.

michael was too booked next week to get her in for her final measurements and "bank robber scan" (his words), so we will have to wait two weeks for that part. the lady at the front desk said we could just pop the helmet off her head next tuesday anyway. a little anti-climatic, but i shall cheer anyway.
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