changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

pooping, xmas lights, and dinosaurs.

i went to oliver's class xmas party today. it was warm and uncomfortable. i always start feeling like maybe, just maybe, i could turn sick at those things. he ate some grapes and strawberries and one sip of apple juice. the apple slices didn't make the cut. then it was off to make snow globes out of leaky baby food jars and thread jingles bells on to a pipe cleaner.

back home, we fought over him not pooping and i sent him to the potty at least three times, where he ate the first half of his burrito lunch. he was walking so funny from the car to the condo, i thought he had maybe peed himself. he is fighting it mightily today and finally just went and put himself straight down for a nap. a perk of him giving himself constipation is that it makes him want to lie down.

we all survived the xmas pageant last night. violet made me work for it, but she did not cry even once. and oliver did, in fact, not sing a single note nor gesture a single hand motion. when his class was marched down the aisle past us and toward the stage, he looked a little terrified. or, at least, like, "uh hey... why aren't we stopping at my mom and dad?" he continued looking a little terrified on stage. we got it on far away video.

we're considering going to see those animatronic dinosaurs at the heard museum tomorrow evening in the 30 to 40 degree weather. i'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. there are promises of thousands of xmas lights and free seasonal beverages and the accidental stumbling upon of santa claus and mother nature doing who knows what down in that little log cabin. all followed by a hayride. i cannot tell you how excited all this makes me. i am certain the experience outside of my dreamings will be muted by the actualities of driving up there, looking for a faraway parking space, fighting crowds, and freezing to death. cannot wait.

oliver started coughing a lot last night. colds all around for xmas. cannot wait.
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