changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm doing this thing this week where i try to put violet down in bed at night, rather than on the couch with me. i've waited this long partly because it's easier and partly because i know you only get so much time in your child's life where you can cuddle like that. and then poof. it's gone forever.

night before last, she made it about 20 minutes into my dvd workout. last night, she stayed down on the first try. and it's a good thing because after feeling like i was going to puke before dinner, i ate two bowls of chili and then worked out and then did this stretch where you lie on your back and fold yourself in half and then grab your ankles and yank your feet as far past your head as you can. and then i felt like i was going to puke again for two hours while i watched ghost hunters.

today, i decided to apply this technique to naptime (the napping in bed, not the puking with chili). she usually just nurses and sleeps on my lap. this has, for the past week, been causing me great pain in my joints. i have popped pills, which i rarely do. she's also at that age where she doesn't just nap in her carseat at the drop of a hat or get any quality napping done on her own. i've just put her down in the bed and have fingers crossed she will stay that way. then, maybe i can finally start getting back into life and getting something accomplished on a daily basis.

oliver's xmas pageant is this evening. he has been practicing his songs in the cutest, tiniest voice you have ever encountered. this morning, miss ashleigh told me i'm going to love his performance. i told her i'm pretty sure he'll have stage fright and not sing. she told me he doesn't sing during practice; but he's so cute, he doesn't need to sing. so, i already know what to expect.

and then, i compromised his trust in me by continuing to film on the sly.

and cue the waking baby.
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