changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

our blessed second anniversary. in quotes.

so yes. seeing as how it turned out to be our "second anniversary" yesterday, i found it rather fortuitous that dave asked if we would like to go out to dinner. he wasn't asking because he wanted to celebrate alongside us. in fact, it didn't even occur to me until we were at the restaurant that we could just go ahead and mistake the evening for a celebration. we were there because brian's work xmas party is happening tonight and he says they're supposed to wear some kind of cocktail attire, he thinks, and so he asked dave if he could peruse his collection of 20 ugly xmas sweaters in the hopes that he might find one to wear to the event.

oliver immediately gobbled down his one half of a burrito and half an apple's worth of slices. he neglected his raisins. and then, like white on rice, he was all over my rice. a bite for me. a bite for him. he had tried a bite of pita with "sauce", also called dahl soup, and wasn't really into it. i gave him some rice with a little of the sauce from my potatoes and peppers and told him it might be spicy, and he agreed. another bite had the slightest stain on it from the sauce, so he ate it and remarked, "oh! that's spicy!" like he was speaking from the vast reaches of his limitless culinary experience. kids. they're funny.

the waitress came around to ask if we wanted dessert and i had earlier heard brian remarking on the fact that they had mocha cheesecake on the menu and i figured hey, it's our "anniversary", and i ordered the vegan chocolate cake. and then brian got the old bait and switch and wound up with almond chocolate cake and then dave said he'd like the chocolate cake. and then oliver looked up at the waitress with his big, brown, three year old eyes and said, "i'd like chocolate cake." and so i told him he could share with me. a big bite for me. a small bite for him. i kept the frosting. he got the strawberries.

the menfolk went out to dave's truck to check out the sweater box while the ladies stayed behind to pay the bill with brian's debit card. when i met them outside, they were carrying some real finds. all the way home, oliver held the red one covered with flowing ribbons, each carrying its own jingle bell at the end.

i took the long way home, as supertramp would say, so that we could go up preston to armstrong and see the massive, old pecan trees covered in large xmas lights. that neighborhood is totally lit up, with colored lights even. but it makes me sad to see the clydesdales pulling carriages around. i tried to give oliver a little life lesson. i said, "look, oliver! do you see the horse? i bet he'd much rather be out in a pasture eating some grass and taking it easy instead of pulling people around." and oliver saw the next carriage and said, "horsie! horsie!"

we arrived home after bedtime. there was a scuffle over the raisins.

i celebrated some more with a blood orange soda spiked with lime juice and gin. and the last fifth of brian's party cake.
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