changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

secret santa.

it's pretty obvious that this xmas is going to be the one where oliver really knows what's going on. i'm incredibly tempted to purchase a large, white tree for him to decorate, but haven't seen one i'm dying for.

yesterday, he asked me if the pearl-like buttons on my sweater were jingle bells. this caused me to go to michael's before picking him up at school to buy a handful of large jingle bells.

this afternoon, since i forgot to do it yesterday with my short term memory loss, i went to target and purchased some xmas lights (on white wire, in case that tree ever happens). i made him wait outside his room while i strung one set of them around the ceiling above his bed. it drove him crazy to be locked out.

i've also been driving him past the xmas tree tent in the parking lot outside sol's after school the last couple of days for kicks.

during the last week or so, violet has been working on her zerbert skills. this adds a new dimension to nursing.
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