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mrs bailey's birthday.

sometimes, i really have to wonder about the various workings, or non-workings, of my tired head. on monday, brian and i walked to the world market and it occurred to me i should get advent calendars for my niece and nephew, something i've done for ages.

it took all the time in between to realize it had not occurred to me to get one for my own child. then, it took another couple of minutes to realize i never got one for him last year. or, the year before. he had one when he was six months old and it never crossed my mind again. i guess that means violet should get one, too. not that she cares and what do i know at this point.

it was 32 degrees when i took oliver to school this morning. as a result, i've finally gotten one of my infants into a blanket sleeper. i wish i had one to wear. a snugglie doesn't count.

today is mrs bailey's birthday. we had two day's notice to get a card made. they also requested a photo for a mural and apparently they are unaware that photography has entered the digital age and people no longer print out photos and those same people also take a year or more to re-order printer ink. i put brian in charge of printing out two black-and-white photos of oliver of my choosing while he was at work. and then, yesterday evening, i sat down oliver with a piece of red paper, a glue stick, markers, and funny pictures cut from catalogs. among others, he dutifully chose a piece inspired by anne geddis where this baby is sleeping on some clear marbles and wearing a flower petal hat or something. he insisted i write "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" and i lied and said, "see? it's right there already," and i ran my finger along where it said, "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bailey!" he tried to get me to write it again on the other side, but i wasn't having it. he signed his name twice at the bottom and drew a full-length vertical line down the side, for effect.

this morning, i asked brian to hand over the print outs... one for the card and one for the bulletin board. he seemed filled with fake surprise when he pulled them out, covered by their coversheet, and said, "oh no! did... did i? oh no! i printed them out really large? can you still use them?" i told him no, we cannot turn in an 8x10 photo of our child where everyone else is turning in a 5x7. and i promptly began cutting out a large oliver sitting on a pumpkin from the rest of the background. it was so large, the tip of his right converse had to hang off the edge of the card. even though it makes my child look like he has a huge ego by giving someone a birthday card with a gigantic picture of himself on the front, it was still pretty cute. i'll have to show it to you sometime.

i hate to say it, but i think violet's starting to get a little crankier in her old age. it's like her brain is evolving and she's becoming more demanding in her quest for entertainment. but she still doesn't have the physical means to provide it for herself. and she refuses to ever nap ever ever for more than 15 minutes unless she is in the car. this make it very difficult for me to do my non-stop, 30 minute workout without taking a small break and having her fusslesnuff through the second half. in other words, it makes it very difficult to get much of anything done. like, maybe even more difficult than it used to be, if that's possible. like, right now, she just fell asleep on my lap after nursing. i look around and see no fewer than 125 things that need doing. but my choices are to sit here and only do cyber things and have her sleep, or move her from my lap to do real world tasks and have her wake up and leave me back at square one anyhow.

the walls! they're falling in!
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