changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

snow day.

not long before i left to take oliver to school, i looked out the back door and noticed there was some snow mixed in with the rain. i hooted over this and called brian over to bask with me and he denied the presence of any snow. every time he'd turn his back to go back to the kitchen, a little drift of snow would flutter through the sky. every time he'd look back out, it'd go all to rain.

he finally admitted it when it ended up pretty much being all snow.


and it was a lot. it flurried all the way to school and back. some grasses were snow-covered.

but now, the snow has ceased and i get the feeling the sun is threatening to shine later. but i've already churned out a big pot of snow day chili. oh yes. there is some sun on my floor. showing off all the dirt i can never seem to get vacuumed up.

i have this do-something-about-those-last-pregnancy-pounds-already dvd that arrived something like two weeks ago. it took me a week to remove the shrink wrap and that horrible dvd security sticker. then another week to at least put it into the laptop so i could watch the three ladies work out. i would like to know when it is that i will get the 20 minutes to actually attempt one of the work outs. i am pretty sure this baby will not give me that much time in a row. she has already hollered at me many times today and it is not yet even 11am.

i am pleased to have been going to the gym something like twice a week for the past couple of weeks. brian and i even took a little walk over to cd source/world market/wolf camera on monday after my appointment. i dusted off a pair of pants today and decided it would be okay to wear them with a thick sweater. a muffin cover.
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