changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i accidentally subscribed to a meme.

questions courtesy of gfrancie:

1.Explain Texas to me. This might be my socialist west coast upbringing talking, but the place seems so crazy and yet there are a lot of very cool people from there. Is there opium in the tacos or something?

oh lordy. that's a tall order. i tend to forget that texas really is all that you hear about it, as i like to live in a bubble. i know many people here who are not big-haired, religious-fanaticled, and/or rednecks. you could even say they are liberal and agnostic and will even nurse their children for more than two weeks. they recycled before the "green movement" and believe in dinosaurs. however, we are outnumbered. sometimes, i get a good glimpse of this.

i also cannot help but notice many people here drive SUVs. i tabulated 70% in a group of us at the stop sign yesterday. you cannot see around them to turn left and they do not wait their turn. they obviously asked god for help in turning right and their wishes were granted. this is actually a disturbing facebook trend i have been noticing among the texans. god will give them a car and help them move and last night, i even saw where he cured cancer before treatment! i've been seeing a lot of "god is good always!" help me.

2. If you could get your toddler to cooperate and wear an actual costume for Halloween, what would you like to have him dress up as?

pee wee herman would be nice. frankly, i would like to dress as pee wee herman, but i doubt that's ever going to happen. if i could get brian to dress up for halloween again, i think he should go as gabe kotter. he has the wig and the clothing for it. i also tried to convince him to go as a combination of two of his previous costumes: bob ross and naughty nurse. you know, naughty bob ross.

3. Who are your favorite bastards in history?

i suppose, as someone living in dallas, i should vote for lee harvey oswald. his name is used on a bar i like. so that's good.

4. Are there any animals at the zoo that you don't trust no matter how much someone says, "oh they are lovely"?

that is easy: SNAKES.

5. What's your poison?

i wouldn't say no to a nice kamikaze.
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