changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i have never seen anything quite like it.

i just returned from taking oliver to school and picking up some efficiently-priced overpriced groceries at sunflower market. violet was growing anxious to be removed from her seat. i placed the car seat on our bed and pulled her out. she looked happy as a clam and i quickly discovered why.

she had just lost three pounds of body weight in the form of liquid poo. (it normally is liquid at this age, for those of you who don't know.)

this business went around her prefold, tiptoed straight on past the diaper cover, left a footprint on her shirt, and then shimmied down the seatbelt while leaving a trail of destruction on the infant seat padding, the regular padding, and down into the shell. it was a hair's breadth away from leaking down the underside and on to our bedspread. good lord. that is some slimy shit.

i miraculously managed to not get it on my green sweater, which would've resulted in virtually non-removable mustard coloring.

in case i haven't already mentioned it, violet officially has oliver's adenovirus. she has her first runny nose, how adorable. the fever kicked in around 2:30am yesterday morning. i woke brian to see what he thought and, being the one who would have to traverse the distance to the walgreen's, he felt she could ride it out until daylight. i woke him again at 4am to say she was no better and was rather warm. he got up and was kind enough to exit the back door, which can't be locked from the outside, thusly leaving his wife and two, tiny children open to the possibility of any number of atrocities. WE HAVE HAD CAR THIEVES OUT THERE. i suppose, thank goodness we don't keep cars inside our home, he would say.

infant tylenol, with that ridiculous pink dye, was administered upon his return. violet did not seem to have much fever throughout the day and maintained her cheery, if boogery, disposition.

i obviously could not go to the gym and was grateful i had manged to go monday in between the illnesses of the children.

fortunately, neither violet nor i have received any full blown pink eye. just teasings of it.

then, last night, her fever began growing and i gave her the old tylenol at 9pm. it did not seem to do much of anything. mother panic began encroaching. i really hate it when the fever reducers don't reduce fever. all that risk of liver damage and nothing to show for it.

brian traipsed off to bed and i stayed on the couch with violet. i couldn't go back to sleep and instead just hovered there for two hours googling about fevers and watching bad tv and waiting for four hours to pass. then, i fell asleep until 2ish. she was still toasty and we gave her more tylenol and went to bed.

that child still woke up with a smile on her face.

more tylenol at 8am and she seems to be doing better.

i'm pretty sure i received my final check from my previous employer last friday. watch as the downspiraling of my bank account begins to accelerate.
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