changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

play dates for all, ttyki's health, and the plague.

oliver got up very early yesterday morning. like, before 5am. he would not go back to sleep.

i was standing in the bathroom a-putting my face on and he came in there and said something like "whachoo doin', mommy?" and i said "i'm getting ready." and he said "whachoo gettin' ready for, mommy?" and then he followed that up by singing, in a rather high pitch, "him, him, whachoo gonna do about him?" i swear. those 70s cds.

we had a busy weekend and, believe it or not, it included an invitation to dinner. we met dave at sol's friday night and the kids were so well behaved, there were moments strung together where i forgot they were there. and let me tell you, nothing feels better than forgetting your kids are there. i was looking fancy by way of a green cardigan and plastic vintage necklace. when i was buckling oliver into his car seat after school that afternoon, he told me, "i like your orange necklace." you had to be there. and be his mother. i think that's the first compliment he's given me. he went on to like another necklace later in the weekend.

saturday, we made pancakes (also known as pound cakes, but not nearly as decadent) before going to the little gym. we tried, in vain, to get oliver to nap and instead, rescheduled oliver's first official play date for 30 minutes earlier. we met his old classmate beck and his little brother anders and his new little brother foster at the park on williamson. it was a little warm for my taste and, even though i spent the hour sitting on a bench in the shade, i still managed to drench my jeans and arm pits. i'm starting to think there's something wrong with me. the kids had a great time going nuts and oliver invented this game where you pick up a handful of wood chips and go up to the highest point on the tallest play structure and deposit them in the bubble window. he eventually learned it was much easier going down the tallest slide on the planet, rather than all the way back down the stairs. we knew bed time was going to be pretty easy.

so, i chatted with beck's mom, piper, and the dads wrangled the kids and it was nice to have conversation with an adult who is not in the process of ringing up my overpriced groceries.

i thought i might be dying from the dehydration at the park and not having eaten enough that day (i guess), so i scarfed down this emergency container of trail mix i'd had in my purse for oliver for who knows how long and then brian went into freebird's to pick up burritos for dinner and had to deal with more insolent teen behavior from the lackadaisical burrito makers.

sunday morning, ttyki and i went on a date to the vets, who i love for having appointments on sundays. ttyki had started using the tile in front of the shower as a pee box again and i knew that meant another bladder infection. while i was there, i once again broached the topic of straining to poo and the good vet was thoughtful and considerate enough to check out the old anal glands and found them to be full and dried out. she expressed them and said it's possibly they were making it painful to poop, causing her to hold it in and dry it out. well, that was good to know after years of watching her be sick while several vets never once mentioned that during the thousand plus dollars spent trying to fix it. we'll see...

i also brought up that big old wart on the side of her face again. i've been told twice to not give it a second thought, but that thing is nasty looking. i wanted to make sure it wasn't going to grow to elephant man proportions. she removed some scabbing to see if she could evict some "debris" and reported back that the scabs were not concealing a chamber of horrors. it was fairly solid. like a skin mountain. or a skin domed rock.

she heard a heart murmur and, to also make sure her diabetes had not returned, there was blood drawn to rule out hyperthyroidism. she's not terribly worried because her heart rate was 190 and they don't worry until it hits 240 and her meager weight of 7 pounds and 14 ounces has remained stable. she's even gained one entire ounce since january 31st. fatty.

after the poking and prodding and squeezing, i was even more glad that brian had scooped up some urine off the floor to use as a sample instead of having to stick a needle in her bladder again.

later that day, i took violet on her first play date. it was with marianne's daughter, claire. claire is about three months older and very much like pulling on violet's toes and trying to eat her legs. good times had by all.

i went home and sauteed some asian vegetables with rice noodles and oliver gobbled it up.

violet and brian have applied for their first modeling jobs. there's this local company which casts everyday joes, so we all signed up for grins. there's a casting call for 3-8 month olds and daddies. i had to send in a topless photo of brian. well, not so much topless as wearing a hair vest. the ad's tagline is something along the lines of "tough, but gentle." which could apply to a hair vest.

last night, about two hours after hearing a local, healthy 14 year old girl died of the flu, oliver came down with a fever. in addition to coughing i thought was left over from the last cold. we are fully back in the swing of school time illness. i think this is the third in less than four weeks. we checked him again at midnight and he definitely had the fever. he was crying and wouldn't sit up to take some motrin, which he loves. brian had to kind of pour it down his throat. he slept until 8 and woke up feeling grand. now that he's earned a free pass staying home from school. with a three and a half month old. we're all going to get it.

i'm wondering if it would be wrong of me to take them to the arboretum in order to preserve some of my sanity. i tried to take violet yesterday, because the weather's been gorgeous, and they told me i had the old version of the member's card and proceeded to tell me we weren't in the database and i felt like when you go for beer and forget your license or line groceries up on the conveyor belt and don't have your debit card. like i was trying to scam my way into the arboretum. and i called the membership lady and there we were. in both databases. we will go back and cough on that man.
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