changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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violet has been dangerously close to laughing for the past couple of weeks. she's mildly chuckled on occasion, but i'm holding out for a belly laugh before calling it. i thought i was going to work one out of her by way of zerberts on the belly, but no dice. i think she's been concentrating more on her fake cough, of which she's pretty proud.

she's gone from pooping about fourteen times a day to only once or twice. she's been diverting the poop to her chunking up endeavors. i think it's fair to say she still is not as chunky as oliver was at this age.

she thinks it's hilarious to have her top hairs brushed.

brian reported last week that she had purposefully explored his face with her hand. she had checked mine out first. little blind hands learning their way over our faces. i wondered if she would be the last to touch my face. god, babies really make me pensive.

oliver thinks german is hilarious. i wonder if he quietly giggles when they have their spanish lesson at school.

i have been informed from many sides that he is, once again, wildly popular. elizabeth's father confirmed it this morning. i keep running into parents i've never met with children who say, "there's oliver!" and the parents respond, "so this is the oliver i keep hearing about." boys and girls alike. brian accidentally set the clocks 10 minutes fast and we arrived late yesterday and i was later told it was like a rock star had walked into the middle of circle time. it's bizarre. i attribute it to his small, doll-like stature.

he continues to be relatively non-communicative. he tripped friday and totally brained his forehead on the table, but refused to tell his teachers why he was crying. they only found out thirty minutes later when the disfiguring bump appeared between his brows. thank goodness it wasn't a concussion.
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