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changing lives since 2003

oliver's second virus and brian's new commute.

i received an email saturday morning that lawrence had had a low grade fever for a couple of days, culminating in a stomach bug, and her birthday party at gymboree that afternoon was being canceled.

i didn't remember until last night that i had noticed oliver having warm hands a couple of days prior, but his forehead hadn't been warm and he had acted like he felt okay.

i woke oliver up from a late nap a little after four yesterday afternoon. in order to better rouse him, brian came in and said he was sleepy and lay down on him. after he left, i threw oliver around in a backward roll and then had him stand on the bed and put his hands down for a forward roll. when i asked him if he wanted to do it again, he said no.

we had these new sheets and coverlet that brian cycled through the wash yesterday and we went into our bedroom to put them on the bed. we tucked oliver underneath the fitted sheet and made him giggle and he helped us tuck in the flat sheet. just as he and i were straightening out the last rumple in the coverlet, there was this moment that kind of went kersplat and the next thing in knew, i was looking at this pile of soundless regurgitation on the corner of the coverlet and trying to figure out what on earth was in it. while i was doing that, and hollering for brian to bring a rag, kersplat. and i realized it was macaroni and chreese. a lot of it. it was that effortless kind of vomiting children sometimes do, where it just kind of spills out.

brian showed up with the rag and i left him to put everything back in the wash while i led oliver to the bathroom to wash his hands. i then set him on the toilet lid to wipe the rest of him up and try to get him to talk to me about how he was feeling. he did that kid thing where they can puke their guts out and then kind of act like nothing's wrong for a bit. i suppose it's the adult equivalent of the post-puke high.

it only lasted long enough for me to pull out one of those old gym mats to put in front of the tv with a couple of blankets (see, i knew there was a good reason for me to keep those things). he sat for a few minutes and then started getting the puke face again. this time, with more retching.

this went on about every 10-15 minutes. we were using the bowl of his potty until the one occurrence of diarrhea came along. you know that moment where you're sitting on the toilet and you can't decide if it's more important for the poop or the vomit to make it into the can? oliver was having one of those, so i got clever and emptied out the plastic tub that normally serves as his play kitchen sink and that was our new puke bucket.

i felt really terrible for him, especially when i had to get back to nursing violet and he just wanted his mommy and had been asking me to lie down with him and i was worried about passing it to violet, because if it could do this to a toddler, what would it do to an infant?

after awhile of this, it got to where he would have these explosions of crying during the last wretches of each round and my eyes would start to water to have to see him feeling so bad. he would shout through the tears "i did it... i did it...", like he was telling the vomit to back off because he had already done what it had asked him to do. or, like he had just finished going down the slide at the playground. "i did. i did go down the slide. forty times."

it was starting to feel like this was never going to end and then he finished a round and fell asleep at 7:55pm. he woke again, sick, at 8:30pm and fell back asleep. i finally went to bed around 10:30 and left brian on the couch. i heard him wake twice not long after, but he just wanted to go to bed and to guzzle hempmilk (even coming in to the bedroom trying to get it faster... oh, and he wanted it out of the new carton instead of the open carton... so he must've been feeling back to normal, at least a little, with the usual toddler craziness).

i periodically feel like the lower half of my abdomen is trying to tell me i have it. and i wonder if those bouts of faint dizziness over the last several days have been a result of the bug blooming and festering in me. when i change violet and she looks up and grins, i wonder if it's in there building a path of destruction.

oliver slept in a little this morning. he woke up thirsty and pita chip-nibbly. he was still insistent on getting hempmilk from the container with their old graphics on it. i'm wondering if i'll have to start pulling a move like the pickle switcheroo in goodbye, lenin.

no vomiting or diarrhea so far, but oliver is definitely not back up to snuff. he seems to have just now gotten the fever portion of the illness, which seems out of synch. he's been experiencing the malaise.

today was brian's first day at the new office building (same company). it is a glorious 10 miles farther north on the tollway, where the traffic starts to kick in. he is way the hell up by the ikea, for christ's sake. he said it took him over an hour to get there this morning. instead of the usual 25-30 minutes. and that was without having to take oliver to school first. it's an extra five dollars per day in tolls. we've calculated this move will cost him approximate an extra $140 in tolls and gas per month. what great timing. not to mention, he will be home later in the evening. considering my current employment status, it looks like i'll start taking oliver to school in the morning so brian can leave closer to five in the evening instead of six. otherwise, he'll basically not get to see his children much at all during the week. he barely does now anyway. this all makes me very angry.
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