changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm feeling a little dizzy.

since today i am the only person on the entire third floor (aka: etq corporate headquarters), i went ahead and turned two more cartwheels on my way back from the can. this led me to discover why the inside of my forearms and one of my buttocks is a bit sore today. i had a few ideas as to why that might be, but now i am certain.

as a result of striving to perfect my technique, i predict tomorrow i shall be plagued with a sore interior thigh as well. let's just hope i don't become dangerous enough to attempt a walkover. that would probably be the end of me. at least according to my mother the last time i ever did a walkover.

oh lookie there. how cute. i seem to have, at one point, scheduled my layoff date on my MSOutlook calendar. so i wouldn't forget.
EDIT: i just rembered that MSOutlook gives me the option to "Dismiss" my layoff. so i did. now we wait to see if it actually works...

On an episode of the TV science fiction show "Stargate SG-1," friendly aliens called the Asgards come to Earth seeking help from the top-secret government agency with whom they've had a working relationship. It seems the super-intelligent, highly evolved Asgards have reached a dead end in their ability to fend off their mortal enemy, the Replicators. They hope their dumb allies, the humans, will be able to find some elementary solution that they themselves are too smart and complicated to think of. The idea works. One of Earth's top physicists, a simpleton by Asgard standards, dreams up a crude but effective plan. Let this be a teaching tale for you in the coming week, Leo. Trust innocent, uncluttered, amateur solutions.

i'm a little confused by this. maybe it's because i've never caught an episode of this so-called "Stargate SG-1". here is my interpretation:
asgard = me
replicator = Herb
if relax my as gard and stop struggling, the replicator can get to work on improving my position.
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