changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

today's agenda.

i thought you might like to know that today, i made the world's best batch of mushroom stroganoff with carrots and red bell pepper. i would say it is to die for, but it's vegetarian. no death necessary. it is being served with pasta shells and has a lovely kick of black pepper right in your face.

i had another of those salads after lunch. but this time, it had HOMEMADE SPROUTS on top. i simply cannot believe that i have managed to grow a plant. and can even eat it. i suppose i should eat them all before i have a chance to kill them. next up, i'll be seeing if the raw peanuts from the bulk bins are sprout worthy.

on the way home from school today, oliver told me he had gone down the slide forty times. and then, after seeing my starbucks bag containing a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, he told me he wanted some of my pound cake. forty? pound cake? who has this child been talking to to learn such crazy words? probably the same person who's got him pinching again.

i'm starting to feel like my life is nothing but a pile of unfinished projects. because it is. you should see this place. except, you shouldn't, because it's one big pile of unfinished projects. i can't even put the baby in her crib because it is currently being used as a receptacle for other things. we are a mess of a family, i tell you what. a mess.

brian wants us to party down tonight with beers and obama's congressional speech about healthcare reform. this is what my good times have become. do you remember the me of four and more years ago? i wonder if she's going out tonight.
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