changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i produced a stunning chili last night.

it was my first.

i adapted a recipe from veggie news or vegetarian times or somewhere like that.

poblano, yukon gold, yellow onion, red bell pepper, carrots, cannellini beans, red kidney beans, quinoa, cumin, oregano, paprika, sugar, garlic (i roasted it myself!), black pepper, chipotle powder, and... chocolate. i was hesitant about that last one ever since i made a super large batch of spaghetti sauce years ago in order to use up the infinite number of yellow squashes i had purchased from the farmers market and decided to put chocolate in there (i'm sure i had read this in a recipe). it was unfavorable and a killer eating all that sauce.

the recipe also called for strongly brewed coffee, but i couldn't go that far.

brian initially exhibited hesitancy over the chocolate and i told him i could make it without. then he had this meltdown that i should use one of the countless other chili recipes out there because leaving out an ingredient could make the chili explode and i did my best to soothe him.

then, i secretly put in one quarter of the amount called for and tasted as i went to see if it was approaching making me want to throw up. then i proudly announced to brian that there was chocolate in the chili and he had a meltdown that tasting chocolate in chili was really really going to upset him and i explained that there's chocolate in mole, people do this all the time and he said he's had chicken mole in mexico and it was disgusting and so, in order to soothe him, i lied and told him i had lied about chocolate in the chili and i secretly went into the kitchen and put the remaining chocolate and grater in the drawer and don't let me forget to take that back out of there so that i don't find it in a year and think that ttyki pooped in my utensil drawer.

then brian ate a couple of bites and i proudly told him there was chocolate in the chili and he STILL got upset even after telling me he liked the chili, because now he was going to be doing his best to taste the chocolate and i threw my hands way up in the air and sent some with him for lunch to see if he'll have to hold farts in at his desk all afternoon.

why is everyone foiling my seitan-making plans this week? central market was out of wheat gluten and it seems that whole foods has decided to stop carrying it. what on earth is happening to all the hippies around here?

i have to go buy a tie today. for a toddler. of all things. i must be spinning in my grave right now.
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