changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


each time i wake, since sleeping with an infant again on a mattress with a dip in the middle, i find myself feeling more and more like i'm trapped in the garbage compactor aboard the death star. the human walls moving in. that baby just slides right after me.

our sprout crop is coming along nicely. should be finished tomorrow or thursday. what do i know.

just put two eggplants and three heads of garlic in the oven. baba ganoush is on the horizon. it's already smelling super good in here.

i ate fantastically yesterday:
the last two drop biscuits oliver and i made, with some apitherapy honey
zucchini, okra, and broccoli in a soy/ginger/garlic/shallot/chili sauce
a spinach salad with mushroom, black olives, tomato, and ginger soy dressing
a nectarine
pita with peanut butter

there might be an attempt to use a new chili recipe tonight. except i don't have wheat gluten to make seitan to put in it, so maybe tomorrow night instead.

a couple of nights ago, i was putting oliver's nighttime diaper on him by the light of the cracked closet door and he was just gargantuan and i stood there trying to tap into three years ago when oliver was only the size of a violet and all of a sudden, i felt like there were advance versions of me looking back to where i was then and i was spooked. future ghosts.
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