changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a world in photos.

high school musical sunglasses and plex underwear. circus train.
seriously... you can't possibly look at these two photos and not believe infants are more mature than toddlers.

he's now armed and (more) dangerous. one arm push ups/practicing for the two month check up.

we went to my sister's new house in mansfield last weekend. one hour away. oliver went straight for the backyard, like he could smell it. there are many rooms contained within a labyrinthine floor plan. they've got a kitchen the size of my head. drums are contained in one room. a pool table will be in another. soon, there will likely be a non-tabled pool in the backyard room. oliver was displeased when the weenie dog snuck up and licked his face. he played with a starfish and rocks made of dirt, which my sister was kind enough to put in a baggie and send home with us. this is violet and dylan. he will be in high school next year. can you believe that? and there's violet and lisa. i was not quick enough with the camera for violet and ashleigh.

the lunchbox (oots!). before school and after school. i chose blue and red based on the justification of a future purchase of the orange and yellow for violet.

sticker legs. right after this was taken, oliver removed some of them and affixed them to my "booty" while i was sitting on the potty.

ttyki decides to try a violet-shaped pillow.

grandma came to spend the night a week ago friday so she could shop dallas for a snazzy dress.

violet's first trip to the park. lovers lane edition. oliver trying to scare the daylights out of me on the ladder.

swim lessons. did i tell you how on the last day (a week ago) they turned on the mushroom and water slide and scared the bejeezus out of oliver with both of them and made him cry?

the hoochie mamas!

violet in a dress from my mother and looking mighty pleased.

i have no photos of this; but every day, oliver goes by his old teacher's room to say hello. in the car on the way home yesterday, i asked him if he misses her. he answered, "yes. i like susana banana. she has good eyes." and it killed me with cuteness. after his first orientation day, i asked if he'd seen her at school (we all had) and he said he had and that she was wearing a pink shirt and her glasses and it seemed sweet that a crazy-headed toddler actually made a mental note of the color of her shirt. earlier this week, there was a mother sitting in the hall who looked like a version of susana and oliver couldn't stop staring at her and trying to make sense of it. he might have been wondering why pretend susana banana was too rude to say hello.
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