changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

more gym. more bills.

despite the odds being brought on by our stressful moods yesterday (toddler crying because he spilled apple juice TWICE while an infant wailed wanting to be held while my boss was trying to carry on a goto meeting on my computer), we went to the gym again last night for round two.

i was disappointed to see that of all the free ellipticals, the two easy ones were already taken. apparently, the secret is out that you can claim the fame to a workout and no one will have to know it wasn't really that hard, except for you and your metabolism.

i thought i was going to fall out around five minutes, but then clean house made their reveal and challengers started collaborating on extreme super hero cakes and i made it to 30 minutes. i was sweating profusely. much more profuselier than usual.

violet was cranky in the kid care, so i didn't even have to consider the weight machines. the kid care workers really enjoyed the way oliver would come to violet's aid every time she cried. they also enjoyed his shorts for a reason i could not exactly discern, unless they just happen to like small-sized grey shorts.

the effects of my mighty workout were negated upon our return to home where it just so happened someone had made spaghetti for dinner and later, graham crackers with peanut butter.

and chocolate chips.

finally got the epidural bill in the mail yesterday. don't ask me why, but i had thought we had paid something astronomical like $800 last time, so i was pretty pleased with myself for having an insurance carrier who left us with only $232 in charges. while scheduling an online payment, i learned it was only 29 cents less thank oliver's. i am still pleased. we also received a serious looking letter from medical city asking for our assistance in getting money from bcbs for violet's portion of charges (i was right... she would have her own bill and it included room charges, of all things). humana left us paying $900 for oliver. if i'm reading this bill correctly, we might be paying nothing for violet please please that would be fancy. i think bcbs had just lost the claim under their cubicle desk, because the second i sent an email saying ahem, i think you forgot something, they turned around the next day saying oh, we just happened to have received and paid that yesterday thank you very much.

after sending one of the forms four times to the short term disability place, it looks like i'm finally going to be sent some money instead of being asked to send some money.

the birthing business ain't cheap. you would think fewer people would get c-sections because of it. i don't know how uninsured, underemployed, multi-childrened people manage it.

oliver's fancy new lunchbox arrived last weekend. he was quite taken with it. and, apparently, so are his teachers. mrs B discussed it with me and asked where one might find another one of those and tried to get oliver to go down the hall and show it to miss L, the head of the school. and brian said ms S had also asked him and said they were thinking of recommending it to parents and i stood proud until i realized my child's fantastic lunch box could turn into an optional piece of the school uniform if it catches on. i cannot win this game.

i need to go this afternoon to the uniform store to purchase a tie. for chapel day. last night, oliver was singing some kind of frere jacques song that had words about the lord in it. brian tried to get him to repeat it to me and i suggested we might not want to drive it home in his little brain. it was at least a month before he stopped singing "if i were a butterfly, i'd thank the lord for giving me wings."
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