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movie madness!: "homo alone" and stage door canteen

i should have known to check planet out.
my obsession continues...

last night darren and i converged upon the lakewood for my more-beloved-than-ever 15 cent movie (now that i'm with Herb and all).

" Not all of the film has weathered the years too well: particularly hard to take is Gracie Fields' cheery ditty about "killing Japs!" "...

stage door canteen provides a star-studded peek into the life of the 1940's USO, featuring benny goodman on his sizzling clarinet; duke ellington pounding the ivories; ethel merman belting one out; katharine hepburn, tallulah bankhead, harpo marx, johnny weissmuller, +68 others, starring as themselves; an amazing rendition of flight of the bumblebee (honestly, if you've never seen someone saw this one out on a violin you don't know what you're missing); a gratuitous tribute to chinese soldiers; and fantasticly epileptic jitterbugging.

i know it all sounds immensely exciting, but it really didn't hold my interest too much. the highlight for me was the performance by gypsy rose lee where she manages to make it to the end of a strip tease with the majority of her clothing still intact. now that i think about it, i'm pretty sure she removed all of her undergarments but none of the outer. tricky girl.

i must say that the people of that era (at least as far as movies portray) were painfully prim, melodramatic, and awkward. despite all this, they don't seem to take issue with marriages occurring within 48 hours of a couple's meeting. but if you don't marry that fella from the USO, you can bet you'll encounter the USO girl's worst nightmare....losing your USO card. the horror!
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