changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the weekend... capped by the first day of school.

late saturday morning, i started worrying that oliver was having too many firsts all jam-packed together.

his first of two weeks of swimming lessons was last M-H. his orientation in his new class was thursday and friday. his new non-parent class at the little gym was on saturday. and his first full day of school was today.

he was a little flummoxed at the little gym because brian took him in there to potty right before and then left him standing in the middle of the gym by himself. the teacher got him started and he alternated between super reserved and participating mostly. he was too shy to start anything new on his own, but did a stellar job at everything they asked him to do. as opposed to running around like a wild man when we try to get him to do the little tricks of the week.


we had a helluva time, as usual, getting him to nap. then we resorted to running him around northpark mall. he spent much time looking at the fountain, checking out each of the hammering statues, investigating the ducks and turtles, and riding the escalator. he has been working on his independent streak and insisted angrily that he be the one to open doors and press elevator buttons and push the stroller.

watching a duck standing on some turtles. and a reminder that i need to actually work out when i go to the gym next week.

sunday, oliver's fun time out was in the toy aisles of target, where we ran into annette and andrea. i never run into people i know. but there they were. i purchased a latte on my way out, which i managed to leave on the roof of my car. i thought i'd lost a tire when i heard the thud. i felt anxiety over having littered.

headed into target with a flower stamen and that kemah boardwalk shirt from two years ago which finally fits him. of course, you won't be seeing him wearing it to school.

for dinner, i steamed some asparagus and sprinkled it with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. i had big plans for making a cabbage and carrot slaw using peanut sauce. i'd even grated a regular old carrot. but who wants cabbage with maggots. we don't. so the grated carrot turned into potato soup. then we all four went swimming after being chased by an angry mob of mosquitos. later that night, oliver headbutted violet and then went to sleep after getting up only once. instead of a literal 35 times.

guess who's coming to dinner.

here is oliver on his first day of orientation followed by photos from today, his first full day of primary school. he requested pancakes for breakfast before having to dress up as angus young. i'll wait here while you decide which outfit is the more flattering.


his hair is only wet from his shower. we did NOT slick it back.

this is violet's first trip in the bouncy chair initially looking suspicious and then looking like that actor who played butlers back in the 40s or 50s.

another piece in my collection of brian reclining with the children.

help me figure out which lunchbox i really want to buy oliver by telling me your preference so we can see how i react. light blue with a red lid or orange with a yellow lid?
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