changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

oliver goes to school. again. i can't believe summer is already ending.

this morning, my last dream was about me being out of town and trying to figure out when oliver's orientation in his new primary class was being held. i woke up at 7:20 and went to check the letter and it was 8:30. where i had thought it was 10:30. oops.

i proved that we, as a family of four, can get ready and out the door in 45 minutes.

despite being brushed twice, oliver's hair was crazy. and his brown shorts don't stay up without a diaper, so his father put him in grey shorts. while he was wearing a chocolate pudding-colored jackalope shirt. poor child.

we told him he was going to school and beck would be there and elizabeth would be there and he was pretty stoked that elizabeth would be there. when i reminded him about school again this morning, it was "elizabeth". the romance continues. i'll be checking the soles of his shoes for teeth marks.

we arrived in the middle of the school flurry and lisa and ashley and loree said hi to oliver and he looked totally bewildered. we made it the next couple of yards to his classroom door and susana and jaymie popped up. susana managed to coax him into giving her a hug and then he decided to hang around my neck. one of his new tearhers, ms scott (jaymie's mother), came out to shake his hand and he was the saddest little thing you have ever seen. not a peep out of him. when we rounded the corner, and i lingered so i could keep peeking, he was still standing in the doorway with ms scott and staring in.


we went for coffee and apple fritters and i was thinking how i needed bananas from the store and i experienced a great transference of anxiety from oliver's first day to the bananas.

he'll only be there until 10am today and tomorrow.
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