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hawaiian falls. swim lessons. derailed fitness. bouncy chairs.

it occurred to me at 4:19 yesterday morning that, when i look at violet, hold me closer, tiny dancer sometimes plays in my head. i suppose that's a step up from the previous i'm looking at the baby in the mirror.

lately, i've been livejournaling in my head during the wee hours. violet wakes around three or four and gets a pants change and reload. i roll to my back and wait for her to fall into deep sleep before rolling to my other side where i seem to fall back to sleep more easily. i'm not sure why i wait, seeing as how brian's always on the other side of me, flopping around like a fish out of water. which is why it takes so long before violet falls into deep sleep.

lately, it's been taking me an hour or more to sleep again and that's when my head writes. however, Sleep is my head's Delete Entry key and all that mess is mostly gone by morning and i'm left feeling the ghost writing was horribly stricken with gratuitous undulations.

brian and oliver just left for a day at hawaiian falls. or, as oliver called it, lion falls. i've somehow managed to never hear of the place despite the fact there are three of them located in nearby vicinities. one of them is in a mysterious place called Firewheel. i can't figure this out because google maps says things like "firewheel garland" whereby garland is a city that is not so mysterious. i do not understand what this means. perhaps it is like vatican city and is a city in a city.

all four of us successfully made it to the gym last night. i even survived nearly being run over by a guy who was more concerned with unscrewing the lid to his water bottle than he was with keeping his SUV out of my lane. the ladies and the men rode in separate vehicles due to time constraints and once i'd dropped off violet in kidcare, i went to poke my head into the pool area. quite a mistake, as far as my workout was concerned; because there was oliver sitting at the end of a row of four kids with his little feet dangling in the water and looking cute as a button and i couldn't pull myself away. it was nice thinking he looked like my little baby again.

the teacher took each kid and kind of dragged them belly down across the pool and back. then she tied a noodle around them and had them doggie paddle after her across the pool and back. i couldn't believe it when it was oliver's turn and she wasn't hanging on to him or anything and he zipped faster than lightning after her and i decided she must be creating some kind of a vacuum in the water for him to be going so fast, but i'm not much for physics. brian said he was being driven by fear. and then i looked away for two seconds and he somehow hit his head on the pool. but didn't cry.

everytime the girl next to him would swim away kicking her feet, oliver would get a little spray of water on him and he'd throw open his mouth giggling and his hands would fly up in the air and pat his hair and then rub his little belly.

their next trick was to have the noodle wrapped around them from behind and under their arms and then she'd take the ends and wrap them back up over their shoulders to drag them backwards and nearly drown them. i was not a fan of this and neither was oliver, after she dragged him straight under the water. he started crying and i feared that was that. i suppose the goal was to teach them what it feels like to drown and make sure, whatever you do, you don't do that. the next time, she didn't use the noodle and just held him like a regular person.

oliver's been super sweet to violet lately. i took her in the shower with me for the first time last friday night and she had this kind of surprised, but not upset look on her face the whole time. oliver opened the shower door and said "violet's taking a shower with mommy!" and then he came back and said "you need the buckets!" and he proceeded to place his series of buckets and bottles, that he likes to play with, in the shower. and then he came back and said "here's the cup!" and handed me this purple cup and i said thank you and poured some water on violet's belly. and then he said "here's another cup!" and it was an empty california baby bottle and i had him put it inside the cup because even though mother's have three hands, that's really just a fable. and then he said "here's another cup!" and it was an empty, very large, dr bronner's bottle and i certainly didn't have a fourth hand, so i had him put it down and shut the door so violet wouldn't get cold. i thought it very big of him to not be jealous and even offer up his toys. and he let her "play" with his stuffed giraffe this morning that nana and grandpa gave him in the hospital when he was born.

after two previous attempts, he's given up on offering to breastfeed her for me.

his affection for her has grown exponentially over the last week or two. maybe because he's been seeing her more lately. it's downright frightening because he expresses it by trying to physically crush her. and you have to tell him to take it easy fifteen times in a row and he doesn't really pay attention to you and somehow, violet doesn't fuss much about it. even when she's left with red patches on her skin from the pressure of his love. brian finally got that bouncy chair down from the attic last night and violet took her maiden voyage in it this morning and seemed to dig the giraffes hanging from the toy bar. and oliver would stick his torso under the toy bar and basically lay on her as the seat heaved toward the floor with his weight. lordy.

my animal photography prints showed up in the mail yesterday.

i'm still waiting for the arrival of these.

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