changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

daddy-oliver vacation.

i'm having a new tradition right now... instead of beer friday, it's beer 10:30 tuesday morning.

i made french toast sticks for oliver and me this morning. it's day two of oliver and brian's father-son two week vacation. yesterday, they went to the aquarium and then to the bike shop to have them help assemble a wonky part on his new tricycle (since roadmaster has refused to answer my three emails). and now we're missing one of the stoppers for the wheel. poor kid who can't ride his new tricycle.

brian even made dinner last night. bean tacos.

he's with brian at pump it up. uh oh. just got a call that oliver has yet to have an ounce of fun and instead, keeps trying to head to the door. in the past, it has taken him a long time to warm up to bounce houses, but then he has a ton of fun. i thought he had finally gotten past that.

i still need to figure out time today to make seitan, "banana cake" (as requested by oliver), and asian vegetable sautee. i've also decided maybe baby violet does look a little like baby oliver.
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