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a photo essay: violet's first swim, etc.

wrapping up the belly photo series... here it is around two weeks post partum. taken mainly to show off my fantastical racing stripe. for the life of me, i can't remember how long those things hang around.

on a saturday morning two weeks ago, we packed ourselves up and headed down to the pool for violet's first swim. fortunately, the water was warmer than when oliver had his first swim, but she still made a ruckus and the first swim lasted less than five minutes and only included mild leg dunking and brief water drizzlings.

she and i exited and set ourselves up on a chaise lounge while oliver puttered about in his toddler boat and played on the steps for a few minutes. that didn't last long because brian's back was hurting and oliver was getting pissed because all he really wants to do is jump from the edge of the pool, which is a back intensive sport for the recipient.

brian and oliver exited and set themselves up on a chaise lounge and a chair. and i poked brian with the long finger of wanting a house so we could just open up the door and step out to our own chaise lounge whenever the hell we wanted to and we wouldn't have to pack anything up and we could go out in our underwear and bedheads and look over there at just how calm oliver is being. he's SITTING STILL for cryin' out loud. that alone is worth the price of admission.


i recently learned that i don't think brian has believed me about moving to a house. i'm not sure how this is possible, considering how much time he knows i've spent on and driving by houses and driving him by houses for the last couple of years and also mentioning iwantayard iwantayard iwantayard. he does this thing where instead of voicing a dissenting opinion, he remains silent. and i have this thing where silence registers as agreeance. so, he mentioned the other day we wouldn't move until oliver was out of elementary school. in SEVEN YEARS. and i thought surely he's kidding and i asked over and over again because he has this other thing where he thinks he's telling a joke and doesn't know when to stop telling the joke.

every day kills me that oliver can't just run out and play like we did when we were kids. i suppose it sounds fussy and privileged to think a yard would improve the quality of life noticeably around here, but i don't think i'm asking for too much. i don't need granite counter tops and cherry wood cabinets (and don't want them anyway, so that works out well).

i'm hoping in a year to have something closely approaching a minimum down payment. then, all we have to do is find a place in our price range with a style we can live with in an area we like and a good school district. and then sell this place during a buyer's market. and survive the heartache of leaving behind another home. no problem!

still working on getting used to the moby wrap. violet flipped out last time i tried. but here she is on that first day looking happy. and then looking very studious. just before passing out.



i was pretty excited yesterday afternoon when she passed out cold in the swing.

these crack me up because it's her first time in a dress. and i guess i find it odd. judging violet's expression, i think she finds amusement as well. i wish i knew why i purchased a dress in the 0-3 mos size. the full length reminds me of a photo of myself as an infant in a blue and white number. with booties.


this was dinner time. i'm posting it because it's an odd little number, what with oliver half naked and pressed between furniture and the wall. i have no idea what was going on there.

brian is incapable of remaining upright when the baby is passed to him.

guess which baby is which.

i decided yesterday that my lochia is finished. i hope i am correct.
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