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july 4th weekend.

i suppose i should note somewhere that we had a week of visits. weekend before last, when violet was one week old, my parents popped in that sunday for pizza. on wednesday, my friend christian came by, which was really nice because he works for the state department and moves to a new country every two years and is super hard to pin down and he was originally supposed to be in dallas the day i went into labor. so i thought that wasn't even going to happen. friday afternoon, marianne and annette brought claire over for her introduction to violet. and shamefully, i did not get a photo of the two of them together. which would've been nice in case they do end up being best buddies. i was completely astounded to see how big claire has gotten. i saw her once when she was six weeks old and looked a good bit like a newborn still. now, she's a certified, non-newborn, four month old infant. i'm just sad because i don't want violet's newborness to disappear so quickly. tears tears tears.

my sister's family made it over last saturday evening for a couple of hours after filling out the paperwork on their new house in mansfield. so weird that they're going to be living up here in a month. my sister never left the tyler area and just moved farther and farther into the outskirts.

anyhow, brian was a lucky duck and got that friday off, so while i finished up visiting with marianne and annette, he took oliver for a swim. the night prior, we considered watching a movie, but violet was beginning to make known her penchant for being active and fussy in the post-oliver bedtime hours. friday night, we forged ahead and watched the tammy faye documentary. i was nodding off while sitting up by the end of it.

at some point saturday morning (the fourth), it finally occurred to me that the little gym likely wasn't holding classes. and it wasn't. instead, we took oliver to northpark mall. oh, and we took violet, too. i attempted to find clothing at the gap and it just wasn't happening. as usual. i was very much hoping for a pair of shorts to wear during our unending, ovenlike heat wave.

we drank coffees and apple juice and let oliver play in the toy store for a bit until violet started melting down. once in the car, i pulled out my brownie and shoved a piece in my pie hole. somehow, oliver saw through the back of the driver's seat and started flipping out and insisting that i give him some (he had no idea what it was and possibly just wanted the bag). so that jig is up. no more eating the naughties in the car while oliver's in there. it was a good three year run.

a couple of hours before go time for fireworks that evening, brian decided they were a bad idea since they wouldn't begin until an hour and a half after oliver's bedtime. i'm not sure why he was unaware of this tidbit for so long. i was highly irritated as this was the second time in a row my plans were canceled at the last minute. we ended up going anyway. on the drive to fair park, we passed through lakewood and saw everyone lined up on the sidewalks and knew that despite a lack of advertising it on the internet, there would be fireworks exploding at the country club. we decided that would be a better, less complicated option and were hoping it wouldn't be quite as loud since the last time we took oliver (two years ago), we had to run away from fair park due to the overwhelming proximity of ground zero.

it was hotter than the space between ozzy's front butt cheeks out there, even after the sun had gone down. periodically, we were graced with lukewarm breezes. until we got there, i had completely forgotten that one of the first dates brian and i had was watching the fireworks in lakewood.

we found a spot and spread a blanket and loaded oliver up with pretzels and a rotting banana.

after 20-30 minutes, the fireworks started and i realized they were the fair park fireworks and i couldn't understand why on earth everyone was lined up at lakewood four miles away to watch them. i found that irritating. especially since you could barely see anything from where we were sitting. by this time, violet had woken up and needed to nurse, so i sent brian with oliver to stand on the little hill to see if they could get a better view. after a bit, they returned and we started to pack up.

and then it happened. it sounded like world war I. or II. whichever had the heaviest, noisiest artillery fire. lakewood was having their own show after all and it was just as loud as if we had been at fair park. oliver went into a tizzy from the noise and violet was wailing and i was freaking out trying to figure out how to transport the three of us to the car. brian hung back with oliver for a few minutes to see if he could take it and i had to double back on my trip to the car because i thought brian had my keys and i was too flustered to just search my bag, which was where they were. oliver was still frantic, so we all jetted and finally got everyone into their seats and started the drive home. we could see the fireworks while waiting at a red light. oliver got a good 40 seconds of peaceful explosions and talked about the purple fireworks for a couple of days. he also liked that i had changed the sheets on his bed to a set that have a design resembling fireworks. fortuitous linens.

sunday was swim day, the photos of which have already been broadcast.

in addition to the back hair, here is another way violet is taking after her father. i'm hoping she will grow out of both. well, she can hang on to the naps for a couple of years.*

sucking on an apple juice at the mall while daddy obsesses over his new iphone.

hanging out before the fireworks


brian and oliver on the little hill.

*ps: it's funny how people don't think twice about who a second child looks like. it didn't occur even to us to consider it. for awhile, i was thinking she reminded me a bit of stewie from the family guy, or whichever animated series that talking baby is on. it's the pointy chin. then, i remembered BRIAN HAS A POINTY CHIN. i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. i just know brian tells me he has that beard for a reason. i've never seen the chin naked in person. hopefully, violet will be able to pull it off, because i'm pretty sure she won't be able to cover it up with a beard. if she can, we have other problems to address. this is the point where i consider stealing and posting this photo floating around on facebook of brian at the cure concert in 1990 with a naked face, but i have a feeling that would be considered a transgression.
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