changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

money money money.

so i check the mailbox yesterday and inside, there's this envelope from blue cross and i open it up and it has the usual "THIS IS NOT A BILL" watermark that all my correspondence from blue cross has and i take that as a good sign, considering it mentions something about maternity. and then it says the initial bill was $2800 and they contracted it down and paid $2196 and then they make it look like there's nothing left to pay.

and this makes me tentatively excited. like, thousands of dollars excited. especially when i consider the first bill received with oliver was for $13,000+. like, my part of it.

i also received notification from the company that forced violet to take a hearing test letting us know to expect their bill. why they didn't just send it, i don't know. i do know they think the last name for violet and myself is ellis. good grief. at least someone called brian "mr rainey" the other day.

i wonder if i'll have to pay for my epidural. if i do, i'll just need someone to give me a reminder of those contractions i was having and i'll send a check out with a smile on my face.

in other news, it's kind of funny because our summer school newsletter for the week tells us our bill is practically in the mail. we're already a month into this thing. you would think they would've wanted their money ages ago. especially since they can't possibly know we won't leave town without paying.
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