changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a weighty post.

wow. several days ago, i weighed myself. i had dropped from 167 to 150 pounds (early in the day, of course).

i just weighed myself again (post one bowl of gumbo) and i weigh 143 pounds. which is kind of odd because i'm by no means restricting my food intake. not altogether sure where it's going, but hey... it hasn't even been a week yet and i've only got 10 pounds to go until i'm back to my pre-birth weight.

they've been doing this big landscaping project out in the courtyard for the last week or so. i was excited that they might grow some grass and eradicate the mud and mosquitoes out there. we basically cannot take oliver outside because we are immediately attacked.

they tore out EVERYTHING... bushes, grass, all of it. and now, i'm getting the feeling that there will no longer be any grassy areas. and i'm pissed. you will see us kicking the ball on the monkey grass, if we have too.

and, it looks like there were some men working on something on our roof yesterday. one of them was antonio of the leaky door antonios. we know this because brian saw a note taped to our neighbor's door (fen fen). it was in broken english and said they'd broken her a/c while working on the roof. how?!

they're out there installing a new one now and we're horribly jealous it wasn't one of ours that was broken. though i'm glad we didn't have to sit in here broiling for half a day. but still. free a/c. that's a lot of money right there.

ps: violet is the world's best sleeper. i'm on the verge of worrying. she fussed and fussed late last night and finally went to sleep on brian's chest around 10:30 or 11:00 (post-nursing). i carried her to bed with me around midnight and she stayed asleep. she continued sleeping even after oliver showed up in our room at 5:45. i spent about 15-20 minutes getting her to latch on and eat. then, she went back to sleep. i finally hauled her out of bed around 10:00 to try and get her to wake up and eat. she finally nursed for a little bit. but now she's back asleep again. i mean, i hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but newborns are supposed to be up in your face every 2-3 hours demanding a feeding.
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