changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

everyone poops. even oliver!

i'm so ridiculously far behind on posts. oliver's birthday and the start of his summer program. violet's birth and settling in at home. i'm not sure what all it is i'm busy doing, but the days just dissipate before i can get a handle on them.

but, i do want to give a shout out to oliver tonight. super proud of him. he peed in his potty for the first official time (there was that one accidental partial pee in the potty ages ago).

he had been watching tv this morning pantsless and leaked a little on his foot. after cleaning it up, i noticed he was standing pretty stiffly and brought his potty out to him.

a little while later, he was kicking it back across the floor with an inch of pee in the bottom. we hurrahed all over him and he finally earned his fancy sticker (a butterfly) to put on the potty. then, of course, was the inevitable and heartbreaking tantrum because he doesn't yet understand the one pee/one sticker rule and was crying on the floor and begging daddy for his stickers.

we've been having a lot of difficulty with oliver lately. lots of boundary testing and not paying attention when we're talking to him... whether it's asking him to do something or even just trying to play with him. evenings (and mornings) disintegrate quickly and i'm sure having violet here now isn't helping.

however, tonight was a relatively good night with no major upsets. he helped daddy water the plants and ate his dinner without being asked to return to the table ten times. he came with us to change violet's diaper and said her umbilical stump looked like poop.

then, he said he needed to poop and wanted the potty. i figured it was a fluke, but we set it out in the living room while he watched little bear before bed. he's had some firmer poops lately, so you really know when he's working one out. turns out he really did need to poop and he acted like mommy does when she has her birthing contractions and he stayed on his potty and produced the most impressive poop i've seen in awhile. i didn't know he was even capable of one of those.

for those of you without kids, pooping on the potty is apparently a huge deal. who knows if he'll keep this up, but we are super excited and proud of his achievements today.

and what on interesting day to poop in the potty for the first time... the same day michael jackson died.

edit: jesus christ! farah fawcett, too?!?

ps: a little while ago, violet did this thing when i was trying to soothe her where i kissed her cheek and triggered that thing where they root in the direction of the cheek you touched and it was like a little zombie baby was attacking my face the way she tried to latch on to my cheek.
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