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oliver's last days of school.

i suppose i should start with however many fridays ago (5/29), as that was the end of year picnic in the sweltering heat. one of my favorite days of the year.

earlier in the day, during school, was field day. susana said they did the old sponge race where you try to fill up a bucket with water and this was oliver's favorite. there was also a pool where they could reel in toy alligators and balloons they could pop with their rear ends. she said it was chaos. they all got WINNER medals to wear around their necks.

since the year end parties start at the ungodly hour of 5pm, brian met us at the school. we waved to miss susana as she drove off into the sunset on the way to her second job. oliver continued waving and saying goodbye for three more minutes and then a girl walking behind me said i did not look pregnant from behind, but boy howdy i was pregnant from the side. don't worry. it was actually a compliment.

oliver was immediately excited by the sight of the bounce houses littered across the playgrounds. before brian arrived, oliver acted like he wanted in the ball pit at the bottom of the inflatable slide. so i set him in there. on top of one or two completely motionless kids who were covered in balls. that seemed like a bad idea for them.

then brian showed up and that was good because i don't think i could've pulled oliver out of there on my own. we managed to get him to buckle down and eat some strawberries for dinner before he acted like he might explode if he didn't get to go out in the sweltering heat. he made his usual circles around the bounce house obstacle courses and there was no way i could participate in those as they end with those awkward uphill climbs on inflatable foot pegs.

he came within inches of entering the regular bouncehouse and then took off for the obstacle bounce houses as if they were less frightening.

miss aubrey was there at one of them with her son and offered to take them both through. a brave act indeed. she somehow survived and the slide spit them out on the other end. brian tried going back in with him and gave up after only one trip through by claiming it was "too dangerous" to have him in there with little kids. so we just shoved oliver in there and let him play in the area before the slide. it was kind of pleasant sitting there awkwardly on the little wooden cross ties in relative shade watching oliver like he was a little woodland creature properly trapped behind a net. i fancied the containment.


we eventually got oliver inside the regular bouncehouse and i chatted with eva's mom, christy, until i felt like i couldn't breathe all of a sudden and sat at a picnic table. did i mention it was hot?

brian strolled over with oliver at some point during my chat and oliver was wailing pitifully because a girl had hit him in the face. physical AND mental anguish. i calmed him down, but he was having no more of that.

since i thought i might be dying and the official end of the picnic was only minutes away (even though it was still going full force) and oliver's bedtime was only an hour away, we decided it was time to go. it was not pretty. oliver was wailing like a kid punched in the face by a girl in the bouncehouse.

here are photos from the following day of oliver with his WINNER medal. we had gone to half price and borders to try and find some literary way of cluing oliver in that there's a baby a-coming. i also found a book produced by al-anon for kids with abusive, alcoholic fathers. i know it shouldn't make me laugh, but it does. they also had an eric carle growth chart, which i'm planning on storing with the giraffe growth chart i've managed to never use. anyway, that second photo is of oliver and brian galloping back to the car. oliver apparently decided that would be the most efficient mode of transportation.

the following thursday was oliver's last, official day of school. at 8:45am, a time which i could not make, they walked across a bridge in the garden for a toddler-style graduation. i showed up at 10:30 to retrieve him. they were taking one last hurrah out on the playground. i tried to not cry when he hugged miss jaymie goodbye and then miss susana. it was not easy. and plus, there were those hormones in there. on the way home, he sat in his chair in the back seat telling me how he had crossed the "baby bridge" and i got all misty-eyed because it really WAS a baby bridge he had crossed. he did not know the wisdom of the words he spoke.

i took a couple of photos during his last day in class. staring out the window and getting into trouble at the sink with elizabeth. bean bag toss with sienna.

the last day of school. we made cards for his teachers. those are not them in the photo. one of susana's daughters ended up adopting oliver as her pet toward the end of the year. here, she has determined that he must have a fever.

with his teachers.

[i am irritated by how the < / center> tag no longer seems to work for me on livejournal.]

that was the day he ended up at the OB appointment with me and gave me an excuse to skip cooter check #1. he had a great time folding up the stirrups and pushing the pedal to turn the cooter flashlight on and off.
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