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the weekend. the pus. the fun.

oliver's three year appointment is this afternoon. it's kind of silly, really, because he's been into the office twice in the last two or three weeks. he first went to have a nasty crotch rashy thing looked at and brian was told it might be an infected bug bite, which i'm not buying. and they told him they absolutely will not do a regular check up until he is exactly three or older. because he might change too much in two weeks, i suppose. and they couldn't charge us a second copay fee.

then, there was that phone call from oliver's teacher thursday i told you about where brian risked life and limb to pick him up. he was happy as a clam as soon as he got home, but we eventually figured out he really did have a fever and also that random bit where he would say his mouth hurt and would cry. brian also stayed home friday to help me with him and he was a perfectly happy, if bored, toddler while on motrin; but, the second it metabolized out of his system, he was crackers and begging for more.

he received his last dose friday before bed, while brian was out with dave and daryl partying at the cosmic cafe. he continued his trend of waking up during the 5 o'clock hour saturday morning, but didn't have a fever this time. so, we decided we were on for the little gym, especially since i felt bad he had missed two days of school already. i still scheduled an appointment for that morning to make sure he didn't have some weird mouth ulcer he was biting on, but felt kind of silly going in at that point.

first, we went to a tiny garage sale in oak cliff that dave and amanda were having. it was early, but dave was already super dewy. brian bought some old cassette player that i guess has a mic on it or something. i'm still not sure why he got it except that it was a dollar and brian has a problem with continually buying audio/guitar equipment, frequently replacing one piece with another and selling the first piece for a fraction of what he paid for it. i try to ignore all this business as much as possible and i think he must be trying to help me because he bought an entire laptop through the mail and never even told me about it until i just happened to see him using it hours after it had already been in our house.

so, we only stay a bit at the garage sale and then go to the little gym and oliver has big fun and we just about nearly forget to go to the doctor next and brian said we could cancel, but i figured we should go ahead just in case. and we met with dr linderman, who is like some kind of blonde-haired mary sunshine, which is good for little kids and oliver liked her well enough, because she was looking for dinosaurs in his ears, until she and brian super manhandled him to look in his mouth and THEN get another throat swab (which i was fortunate to not be present for the last time that happened) and the absolutely horrified shrieking and struggling oliver produced was mother-killing and it's a good thing they did not take a quarter of a second longer to finish or they would've been seeing me knocking them out of the way, grabbing him off the table, and running to the elevator... only to be repelled at the front doors by the already unbearable, wet heat going on here. but, since they did not take a quarter of a second longer, i grabbed oliver on to my lap and tried to keep the tears from actually leaving my eye holes.

it turned out we were glad to have taken him in because it was reported the back of his throat was covered in pus and it wasn't strep, so that left us with another adenovirus and we were like, oh shit... we just left the little gym and she said oh well... kids shed viruses for weeks and he's not feverish, so he can't transmit it just by looking at another kid and he's not coughing, so he won't coat them in it and they'd pretty much have to drink out of his cup, which we had left at home.

so, i tried to hit her up for a three year old appointment by saying "so... is that appointment going to really involve much?" and she totally didn't take me up on my subtext. but she did have the good sense to ask if she could give oliver C-A-N-D-Y to make him like her again and we of course said no, so she went and found two stickers for him instead. because he was carrying his envelope of a portion of the 1100 stickers we gave him for his birthday.. .i am not exaggerating the numbers there. she brought him a grasshopper and a whale's tail.

we took oliver home for a late macaroni and chreese lunch followed by a nap that lasted until something crazy like 4:45.

we then decided to brave going out to sol's for dinner and brian ordered his usual margarita swirl right in my face and i ordered two veggie enchiladas with guacamole because, no matter how many times i ask, i do not believe there is not a leg of pig simmering in those beans back in the kitchen. we were getting toward the end of our consumption and oliver's already shaky patience when the waitress asked brian if he'd like another drink and i was surprised he replied yes and i said something about woohoo a second drink? and he said something about well, it is father's day. at which point i became irrational and didn't remember i had looked up father's day already and marked it on my outlook calendar as being another week away and i totally believed him and my eyes started tearing up like oliver was getting a throat swab and i knew it would make me sad to think i had fucked up father's day, but not crying-in-public sad... so i knew there were hormones in those tears. and so i said... what? i think i'm going to cry. and then, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the tears actually trickled and everything. no sobbing. but too many trickles. and it was totally in public and brian didn't know what to do and kind of got up for a few seconds and stood next to the booth oliver and i were sitting on and this triggered the waitress to show up and what do you do? and she wrote on my bill "smile! your beautiful!" and she must think i have many issues. like, my husband belittles me or something.

i only ate 75% of my enchiladas because, all of a sudden and just after my crying jag, this piece of grilled chicken was sitting there on my plate and looking at me. i was glad it had not made it into a bite that went into my mouth. i've got to start performing surgical incisions on my enchilada tubes.

sunday, i wished brian a happy father's day and we left the house early-for-us and took oliver to the galleria playland and man did he play. for over an hour. sweatiest kid there. which seems to happen a lot lately. he was totally gangbusters running up and sliding down all those pretend bridges and rocks and waterfalls. he was unstoppable. he was joining other families and sitting down to chat with strangers about his leaf. a machine. it's so interesting how much more agile he is every time we go there. i barely worried about him falling and busting himself up. even when he figured out he could walk up the sliding rock.


and then, brian went to get coffee and a little while later, oliver took off for the exit and i'm 9 months pregnant and had to gather myself up and kind of jog out of there to catch up with him and thank god he was headed for that huge, green giraffe because, otherwise, he would've been going headfirst down the escalator. and then, he went back in and when i returned from the bathroom, he waved at me from the bench inside the play area and said he wanted shoes, which i totally couldn't understand, coming from him. but, i'm not one to look a toddler-sized gift horse in the mouth, so i told him to tell daddy and i'd meet him on the other side. it was funny, because i was about to ask brian just how long he'd have to play in there to actually want to leave. and i got my answer. he wouldn't even stop for shoes. he just started running back to the nordstrom. and then we saw they carry todler vans with velcro and i became excited. no shipping charges.

we went home for a late lunch and another late nap and i cleaned up because marianne was coming over to carpool to our spiral diner baking class, which i had managed to not forget this time.

oliver was so excited when she showed up that he came straight across the house to her and i think stopped himself just short of hugging her legs. he has no idea who she is.

at some point, after eating nearly an entire bunch of broccoli with tofu and mushrooms on my own before it could spoil in the fridge (bad idea, by the way, unless you enjoy having painful gas shoved around an entire baby), i realized we were likely going to be feasting on five different desserts for dinner. and we did. apple pie, one quarter of a chocolate chip cookie, one quarter of a oatmeal-cranberry cookie, a rectangle of brownie, and a squirt of tofu chocolate mousse. and i wanted to throw up. and i wanted to throw up more when i saw people actually going back for seconds. we learned nifty tricks which have made me much more willing to try rolling out dough. i brought a brownie back for brian.
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