changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

asleep at the wheel. of work.

oh god. my feet are all blown up like i'm wearing the bottom part of a fat suit and so i finally sat down on the couch while brian was getting oliver down for a nap.

and i just fell asleep sitting up. this is why i don't like working on the couch. i am not at all tired at the desk.

ps: i think oliver totally faked being sick. he might have felt a tiny bit warm, but not much. i gave him some motrin and he ate a pear and watched yo gabba gabba and made me cut sheets of stickers into strips of stickers and finally fell asleep. though i will admit that yesterday, about 10 seconds before commencing with the eating of teriyaki vegetables from pei wei, i thought i was going to be sick to my stomach. and i felt swishy at some points during the night and also as the teacher was on the phone making me think we'd all be puking by night fall. i'm wondering if it's just sinus drainage. oliver and i have had matching occasional coughs for the last two weeks. please let that be all.
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