changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

rain, rain go away.

alright. i get it already. enough with the thunderstorms.

they began around 7pm yesterday evening and included a power outage just in time for the sirens to go off. we spent a few minutes sitting in the bathroom and calling paul to see if he could work his television and find out if we were about to die. and then the sirens stopped and brian started washing diapers.

i woke up several times to thunder and it continues throughout this morning. crazy rain and thunder. plants are drowning out there. on the plus side, the glass door is only leaking a small percentage. after the management company refused to service the door for the third time, the bitch mysteriously left brian a message on his cell one morning a couple of weeks ago saying "antonio" was on site and having trouble getting a hold of us and, apparently, so was she. why she assumed someone would be home on a weekday morning was beyond me and why we should be expecting anyone was even farther beyond that.

so, antonio and his friend showed up that afternoon and neither appeared to speak much english. or, at least that's what i gathered from their friendly, nondescript head-shaking whenever i would speak to them. they climbed up in the attic from the foyer entrance for a couple of minutes and then they spent hours with a ladder out on the balcony. oliver came home and was beside himself with excitement that there were "climbers" out there. no idea what they did. the bitch never followed up.

oh lord. about to get a pretty good test now. it's like a little waterfall going on out there. i'm pretty sure there should be gutters keeping that from happening.

aww. forget what i said. here come some rivulets. down the inside of the door.

i'm not at all interested in going to my OB appointment this afternoon in this mess.

oh, ps, now there's water leaking from the air handler that's over the kitchen counter. why am i always cursed with water!?

omg, pps!, i got a call from school that oliver was crying and clammy and warm and not eating and i said i would pick him up in the longest, heaviest rainstorm ever and i knew, without looking, that the courtyard sidewalk would be covered in inches of water and i had to find shoes to fit my feet because these flip flops weren't going to cut it. and i tried to put on these boots that are usually a little loose and they were tight enough that i worried my feet might explode in them and then i found these super old, pee wee hermanny mules and wedged my hooves in there and could feel the band across the top of my foot doing weird things to the fluid distribution inside my feet, but never mind that. i found my rain coat and managed to get the top button buttoned and, before leaving, was going to check my work email one last time and thank god i did because there was a 1-2 foot wide RIVER charging across the floor from where water was POURING through the door and it was all the way to my desk chair and very close to the wires and powerstrips and stereo and the water continued to pour for at least thirty minutes while i dragged out towels and blankets trying to stem the flow until i finally took the ice chest dad left here and tried to start catching it in that with a towel draped into it for wicking purposes.

somewhere in there, i called brian, who was on his way home anyway, to see if he could pick up oliver. then, a little while later, brian called back to say he was trapped at the edge of rising water and was going to have to JUMP THE CURB in his FORD FUCKUS and retreat back northward and try again.

the flow finally ebbed and i've rescheduled my OB appointment for tomorrow with the alternate OB of gentler hands. but, the weather map shows us still trapped in a horizontal band of red that stretches back past fort worth.
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