changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

train, train, go away.

come again some other day.

when i'm not 38 weeks pregnant with non-stop edema and it's in the 90s.

today is the first day oliver's summer program. we were scrambling to get him out the door. it's 8:35. he's late. we were looking at the information packet again last night (which we did not even receive until late last wednesday) and realized we couldn't tell whether or not he started this week or next. so, we didn't officially find out until about an hour ago.

scrambled. like his breakfast.

i've been so overwhelmed with getting everything together for his party this past weekend, i did not have the mental room to think about today. as a result, i'm sitting here wondering why i didn't arrange it so i would also be there to drop him off. we are leaving him with people we have never even met. i don't even know their names.

i am trying not to cry.
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