changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

37w: like a stalk of swiss chard!

i forgot to update after my appointment last wednesday. after my supposed drop in weight down to 159 the week prior, i was back up at 162. of course, this was on the other scale, so god only knows what i'll see when i step on to the platform of doom this week.

despite what is obviously an amazing belly size, i am measuring completely on track. culpepper was out getting her toenails painted or something, so i met dr dinh for the first time. it was the shortest, least wordy visit with a doctor i think i've ever had.

i had this man at the supertarget yesterday pushing a buggy perpendicular to where i was standing in the checkout line. i quickly realized his statements were directed at me when he said "WOW! uh... WOW! I'M NO DOCTOR, BUT I THINK YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY!" to which i replied, "yeah... i am [jackass]." i've been instructed by cousin donnie that the next time someone asks how many i've got in there, i should reply with a single, middle finger. i am coming close to that point.

fortunately, when i went to pick up campisi's for dinner from the kroger, a girl balanced out the ugliness of strangers with a cute, big belly remark. it's all in the delivery.
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