changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cats puking, toddlers defying, feet swelling.

do cats come down with contagious stomach viruses? because, all of a sudden, all four of our cats are back on the vomit express. ozzie puked under the dining room table a couple of days ago. oskar threw up both his breakfast and dinner yesterday. ttyki just threw up her breakfast. juana was foaming at the mouth last night and then had a snack and then threw it up and then had another snack.

it's either a pathogen or it's that jinxy bit like where i note (apparently either out loud OR just in my head) that oliver's runny nose has miraculously dissipated and then, within 12 hours, it returns for no good reason. because i recently noted in my head that the puking amongst the walking hairballs had ceased and desisted for a good bit.

i don't think i've mentioned this to you yet, but oliver has been a complete maniac for the last week and a half. it has been time out city. it's been taking AGES to get ANYTHING done. picking up toys, brushing teeth, changing diaper, getting up the stairs, eating. you name it. and he's started being obstinate while in time out and instead of being ready to do whatever he wasn't doing when we ask him the first time, he will respond with "no" about four or five times first. so time outs have been getting longer.

this weekend, he flipped every time brian tried to carry him to the car (it was raining) or put him in his carseat. he'd go total, abused baby ape shit. in the stairwell, as we were having time outs, brian tried to back out of little gym. fuck that. i'm not going through all that bullshit to back out at the last minute. last friday, susana said he would cry all day at the slightest provocation. god help us with what lies ahead after violet comes popping out. perhaps this would be a good time to go ahead and reserve myself a slot in the psychiatric award for sometime around august.

oliver has also been hitting alot, either when he's gotten hurt or just plain old pissed. and he has a new cuss phrase: "SWIPER NO SWIPER!" many of you have no idea what he's talking about. others might slowly raise your hands and admit you recognize it from dora (technically, "swiper! no swiping!"). he pulled out that little gem at the little gym last night when a girl was playing in the same spot at the same time. "SWIPER NO SWIPER!" the worst part is the public admission that we've let him watch dora on occasion.

in addition, oliver has gone from sounding like a 60s cartoon character whose name i cannot remember, but i imagine it as containing "snidely" and being villainous (or maybe it was fred flintstone's boss), to having a new jersey accent. more and more words are cropping up in this category: hawt, foive, noin...

today is the first day that my body has decided to carry the pains culminated the previous day through the night and into today. no reprieve. maybe it's a fluke. however, it's getting more and more uncomfortable trying to sleep. my hip joints are aching. my lower back is aching. my left leg and left hand were stiff and a little tingly feeling during little gym last night. eek. oh, and holy shit. my left foot is all cabbage patchy right now, just sitting here. and i made the mistake of sitting on my left foot, so a half moon shape on the outer edge has been squished back to normalcy while the rest has taken the brunt of the extra fluid. i am going to rent myself out to the freak show.
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