changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

staying trim, feeling fit.

i scheduled us for our weekly trip to the gym last thursday night.

that afternoon, i began finding reasons not to go. like, when i tried to put on the smallish, black shoes, i discovered i had edema and it looked like my legs had been poured into my shoes and began running over the top. cankles to the nth degree. i removed them quickly before nightmares could begin developing. that seemed to be enough to make me feel really gym-unmotivated.

i told brian i was waffling and, since we had been making promises to oliver that he could play at the Y and after i reminded brian he didn't need me to be able to work out, he said i could drop him off up there while he worked out. and then he ended up having to work late and called me just as i had finished changing oliver's diaper to leave and had been going on and on about playing at the Y. oliver had already packed all of his hats into a yellow bag, the handles of which were placed over his right shoulder, and he stood there with his little left hand on my knee as i sat at the dining room table trying not to cry about breaking a promise. as he stared window-ward, the silence was punctuated every couple of seconds with "go play at the Y?"

i mustered up my mettle and tried putting on the usually too large blue shoes. even they were a bit of a tighter and more awkward fit, but i went with it and took oliver and his bag of hats out to the car. he was jazzed times 12 to see that the kids were playing on the playground and could not drag me in there fast enough. he had a few seconds of shyness once he was confronted with a worker and then he was over it. i spent 20 minutes running a tortoise's race on the elliptical and brian showed just as i was finishing up. i left him in charge and went home to make sundried tomato and basil pesto.

tonight is gym night for this week. friday equals swimming for brian and oliver. any night equals suffering for my swollen dogs and swollen belly and swollen sense of tiredness. even when we're not at the gym.

we went to that nature-type store night before last and i was going to try and find some new comfort sandals and then i remembered that eveningtime when i'm 8 months pregnant is disaster time when looking for shoes. even the size 7s pressed into my flesh and i gave up quickly and watched oliver ADD his way around the toy section until we hauled him out of there kicking and screaming. there was a sidewalk sale on time outs before we could get him into the car. when he wasn't looking, brian purchased him three schleich animal figurines for his birthday. and a gigantic sticker activity book, which may or may not be for his birthday.

oliver handed over a "diaper turtle" birthday invitation to ms susana yesterday afternoon. he might actually have some children at his party this year. she comes equipped with three of them.
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