changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

week 34: like your average cantaloupe.

hey, there.

i had my 34 week appointment today. 161 pounds. i told her i was nervous about the epidural. she offered me a prescription for a xanax to take beforehand. the woman is an enabler.

i told her how the edema is a little more pronounced in the left foot and asked at what point i was supposed to be freaked out about that. i also told her how i tried to put on my gym shoes last thursday and it looked like someone had tried to pour my feet into the shoes and quickly ran out of room and how even my too large shoes were making my feet puff out. she told me how she worried that her feet would spread because she's already a size 11 and she would have to start ordering shoes from tranny catalogs.

i was surprised to hear i'm now going to weekly appointments, as i was thinking that didn't happen for another two weeks. she told me that, as of now, if i go into labor, i would have a baby. i would've been confused by that statement if i had not already read in my weekly email that the baby is considered full term at 34 weeks. so i knew what she meant. otherwise, i would've thought she'd gone crackers.

i sort of didn't have time to return home to check in with work before leaving again to get oliver. so i went to starbucks for a latte and a double chocolate cookie and then to michael's for stickers and a blue pen to use to fill out oliver's birthday invitations. okay. maybe i could've made it back home in time.

when i did finally come home, i learned that marianne had signed up for spiral diner's june baking class and so i did too. DO NOT LET ME FORGET THIS TIME. it's one week before my due date, so i'll hopefully still have a baby in my belly.

i learned today that i've been typing "nerve-wracking" instead of "nerve-racking". i hate when that happens.
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